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Considering the new #MeToo movement in the Carnatic music community - young students and performers being subject to harassment and sexual abuse by senior Carnatic musicians and musicologists - the organizers of Sacramento Aradhana feel the need to establish an Internal Complaints Committee that will investigate and determine a course of corrective action in case of any such instances within our Carnatic music community.
We hope that this necessary step for our organization will encourage survivors – hosts, volunteers, or students - to speak up with regards to any unfortunate incident of harassment by visiting artists / music teachers.
The following people have been an integral part of Sacramento Aradhana since its inception. They have come forward to assist Sacramento Aradhana by volunteering their time to be SA’s Internal Complaints Committee, the West Coast ‘safe haven’ for such instances.





Field of Practice


Dr. Sailakshmi Tatikunta

Internal Medicine  (part of domestic violence committee at work, and aware of the needs of victims)

916-936-7525 /

Dr. Vyjayanthi Srinivasan

Pediatrics  (uses screening tools in her pediatric settings as part of medical care, bringing awareness to children and young adults)

916-316-0523 /

Dr. Sujatha Ramkumar

Psychiatry  (adult psychiatrist with experience in counselling abuse victims)

214-675-7411 /

Sacramento Aradhana’s ICC Goals - #MeTooFineArts:
  • Be a responsible fine arts organization creating a safe, empowering and empathetic environment for survivors to come forward with their stories
  • Provide a safe place for survivors to come forward, talk through the concerns, help with healing and recovery & give information about useful resources and laws in the community.
  • Hold in utter confidence, anything that is reported to this committee.
  • Blacklist those that we receive complaints about